Chrome Wrapped Nissan GTR

Chrome Wrapped Nissan GTR

Nissan GTR Chrome Wrap

Nissan’s Stunning “GT-R” is the definition of a Super Car. Automotive enthusiasts worldwide know right away the significance That the Nissan GT-R plays in the Super Car World, Hence its acquired nick name “Godzilla”. To the average individual though it might just appear to be “Another Nissan”. Featuring a Twin Turbo Charged V-6 Engine producing over 500HP Stock from Nissan, the owner of this Nissan GT-R wanted to Reflect upon the world just how special his car is. The Owner knew right away this job required the expertise of a shop with professionally certified experience. Upon decision he chose “Carbon Wraps Orlando”, upon delivery staff got to work right away on this unique Project.

Thus continuing, this being a Chrome Wrap the continuity of it had to be 100% accurate. “Carbon Wraps Orlando” utilizes Vinyl Cutting Printers, allowing the wrap to be exact dimensions of the car. Through this technology it allows the car to have a “Factory Color Appearance”. Every panel on this Nissan GT-R was carefully wrapped giving it the appearance of “Chrome”. Upon Completion the owner was thrilled and has been featured in numerous Automotive Shows.

Vehicle: Nissan GT-R
Wrap Used: Avery Dennison Chrome Vinyl
Other Modifications:

  • Aftermarket Spoiler
  • Vossen CV3 Wheels